Technical innovation
for the high-end leather industry

Pelle3D is an innovative patented process which is ground breaking in the development of advanced crafting processing featuring repeatability, reduction of errors, simplified process flows and low industrial investment thanks to the compatibility of the process with the instruments already used by those operating in this industry.



Pelle3D is an innovative leather manufacturing process which makes it possible to impress a permanent 3D geometry, preserving all the visual and tactile qualities of the material, through a patented formula that can stabilise chemical bonds in all three dimensions. The process can be integrated within a production line by installing a vacuum thermoforming machine to perform simple processing cycles: the pre-forming of leather hides using a mould and the subsequent application to the rigid surfaces.

The Pelle3D process allows the leather to retains the impressed three-dimensional shape even without the support of a rigid surface or padding material. The patented formula can be used to pre-treat the material by means of coating or spraying processes which can be either managed in-house or outsourced.


The Pelle3D system certifies the combined use of pre-treatment and pre-forming of the leather. The technologies used envisage a pre-treatment consisting in spraying and vacuum thermoforming at controlled times and temperatures. The technical application consists in four key steps:


  1. Pre-treatment with a unique bicomponent formula that will be activated in subsequent phases by the action of heat
  2. Positioning of the semi-finished product on the mould 
  3. Temperature-controlled thermoforming using vacuum technology that generates perfect adhesion of the material to the matrix 
  4. Application of the semi-finished products to a rigid structure, during a second temperature-controlled vacuum step to activate the adhesive that permanently adheres the leather to the relative support structure 


The vacuum thermoforming process allows the use of a mould without a counter-mould. Steel matrices are no longer necessary and can be replaced by NC milled wood materials or SLA synthetic materials, with obvious advantages in terms of execution, cost, time and design freedom. In certain applications the object itself can be used as a matrix and the process ends in a single thermoforming step. 

The Egas Consulting company is based on managerial skills acquired over more than twenty years of experience in the high-positioned industrial sectors of automotive and furniture, with a strong orientation towards quality and specialisation in leather processing. The management of complex systems with a strong manual component, continuous research into innovative materials and non-stop research capabilities have favoured the creation of a business model that combines managerial culture, engineering and design thinking. Pelle 3D is the spin-off with which Egas Consulting proposes an innovative industrial treatment to improve industrial efficiency and performance of semi-crafted leather products in the automotive, fashion and high-end furnishing sectors.

EGAS consulting

Sede operativa: Via O. Pigini, 26
60022 Castelfidardo (AN)

Sede legale: Via F.Cilea, 29/D
60022 Castelfidardo (AN)


P.iva 02775010420


Pelle 3D is awarded with ADI Design Index 2022
and is shortlisted for the XXVIII ADI Compasso d’Oro 2024


Egas Consulting agrees with the deontological regulation of the design cooperation of ADI

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